Everybody who does research should listen USC Bedrosian’s interview with author David Treuer

So far, one of my favorite books to read for Bedrosian has been David Treuer’s Rez Life. Just read it. I love David Treuer’s work–The Hiawatha was life-changing for me. Go read that one, too.

But we got very lucky with the Bedrosian Center, and Treuer agreed to do an interview with Raphael Bostic. In it, Treuer talks about his method of asking people to talk about their lives, and the importance of his own authenticity–not identity, but telling his own story–in the book. He’s so careful to share what he has with people before allowing publication to go forward. Post-colonial research ethics done right.

But, as he ruefully points out, it took him 7 years. Research worth doing, research that impacts people’s lives…takes time.

Find it here