Little free libraries in San Juan Capistrano and Mission Viejo

I’ve been working on some research on community exchange boxes (Chapter 10 of the book), and most of my research has been online. But yesterday I took out the camera and Andy drove me to look at some in South Orange county, CA.

Snapped this LFL and its steward while she was loading up her car! Felt like a bit of heel as the family was going on an outing, but she very kindly answered my questions quickly anyway.


This is another good one in Mission Viejo. This one is on a cul-de-sac:


Of all I surveyed yesterday, this one here had the best selection of books for my tastes:


From which I scored this baby:

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I lurrrrrrrrrrve Chaim Potok. I’d highly recommend him as an adult young adult writer. I’ve not read this one, so I’m looking forward. And yes, we have a box of books in the car so that if I take book, I can leave one, too.

This one I found in San Juan Capistrano, though, is my favorite:
It’s on one of those little streets in SJC where there are no sidewalks but the streets are supernarrow so cars are going slow, and the houses are all tucked up against each other with nice, mature gardens in the front.