Shaun King’s 25-part series on stopping police brutality gathered in one spot

I’ve been working through this Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves, and to make the Shaun King material easier to read in order on my iPad, I decided to make a Table of Contents to all the links, and it makes sense to share.

Introducing a 25-part series on how to reduce police brutality following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

  1. Solutions for police brutality can begin with our overwhelmingly white male justice system
  2. To help fix police brutality, cops can no longer have less training than the average cosmetologist

  3. Police officers should be routinely tested for drugs and steroids like American athletes

  4. If you want to be a violent racist and never lose your job, become a police officer
  5. Police officers should be required to have a college degree
  6. Every city and state in America must ban racial profiling
  7. 911 operators must ask about mental health issues, a small change that could save lives
  8. To combat police brutality, hire more female cops — studies show they’re better at keeping their cool
  9. Why we must require cops to live in or near the area they police
  10. Communities of color are massively over-policed — effectively criminalizing color itself
  11. American police must be regularly tested for racial bias
  12. American police, who see humanity at its worst, must be regularly tested and treated for PTSD
  13. Why we must take police brutality cases all the way to the Supreme Court
  14. Good police must speak out against bad officers
  15. If nurses and doctors can treat the mentally ill without shooting them to death, so can American police
  16. Why police body cameras are failing, and the exact policies we must enact to unleash their power

  17. If a police officer must use force against a suspect, it should match the ‘crime’

  18. Every American police officer must have three weapons other than guns on them at all times
  19. It must become illegal for police to act violently using only their inaccurate imaginations
  20. American police departments are revenue generating monsters, policing for profit must be banned
  21. Police must record statements explaining their use of force immediately after each incident
  22. All use of force investigations must be turned over to an independent agency with binding instructions
  23. Police departments that fail to report killer cops don’t deserve federal funding
  24. Changing the culture of police brutality needs to happen on the state and local level
  25. Police officers, local prosecutors are two of a kind