Why does Charles Murray get invited anywhere? 

Ok, yes, by all means, the behavior surrounding Charles Murray at Middlebury College was bad. Insiputably bad. 

But I have a different question: why do people invite him? Sure yes, he’s a human being and citizen and he has rights, but why are conservative students so absolutely determined to bring in an incompetent fraud?  The right should be embarrassed of Murray, if for no other reason that he can’t do math. The beautiful thing about math is that it is not normative. Math is the friend of every educated person everywhere. 

There are serious, rigorous, conservative scholars out there; for all the flouncing around about how there are no conservatives in the academy, there are plenty of libertarian and conservative scholars, and scholars that come with conservative ideas embedded in their work (even if they, themselves, do not call themselves conservatives) who do real research or theory-building. They do good research. Some write great, thought-provoking books.  Murray is a discreted hack. He is famous only because he is discredited. It’s like inviting the guy faked the autism-vaccines data to campus. What is anybody supposed to learn from Murray? “How to turn your career from incompetent social scientist to  celebrity conservative”? Is that the talk he is giving? Because that is where I would place his expertise. 

From the top of my head: 
John Podheretz

Daniel Drezner 

Greg Mankiw 

Mary Ann Glendon

Niall Ferguson 
Roger Scuton 

Matthew Fay

Steven Fish 

Richard Ferrier 

Thomas Sowell 

Robert Putnam

Daniel Lin

Ilya Somin 

Alexander Volokh 

Catherine Zuckert 

Every communitarian out there writing under the banner.