Follow up on Foxconn from UW Professor, Kurt Paulsen

My post yesterday sparked a lively discussion on my Facebook wall, where I displayed cosmopolitan bias.

Kurt writes:

One clarification: the location of the proposed plant is definitely not rural, and I doubt many of the northern and western wisconsin rural voters who switched to Trump will never see any of these jobs. Our state workforce boards and e.d. agencies know that any job paying $53,000 per year and requiring higher levels of skills will significantly be filled by out of staters and in-migrants. There would be spillover to service jobs, of course, but not in rural areas.

I asked for clarification on where the likely location was, and Kurt suggested that it would be Pleasant Prairie, along the 94 corridor. I noted that while this wasn’t the far rural north, it doesn’t strike me as particularly urbanized, either, granted that it is largely a strip that leads into central Illinois small towns pretty fast.

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