The bench comes back to the backyard, for awhile

One of the chapters in my book is a description of a year-long ethnography I do of a bench located in my front garden. I’ve had the bench out there for four years, through vandalism, neighbor complaints, etc…but today it went back into the backyard because some of our guests decided to start behaving like pretty bad neighbors. I don’t know what the writing is; I do know I am sick of picking up the garbage they leave.

I don’t know what the next step is. Go back to being a simple inner ring suburb homeowner, with a front garden that is for looking but not dwelling?

I am sad.





One thought on “The bench comes back to the backyard, for awhile

  1. Gang writing! Saw a lot of it in the prison, usually on paper… wanted to get somebody to teach me how to decipher it but never did… I am so sorry these scum bums are desecrating your property, you who have so generously placed the bench for folks to sit and rest a bit, you who are a friend of all races and religions, you who art the soul of gentleness… until there is a great pup being abused or neglected or in danger in a “humane” society… Admire you bunches woman! You are greatness! Should probably have made a contribution to Alura in honor of your professorship… know you’ll enjoy what’s coming! Love you!

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