All y’all Los Angeles urbanists should be listening to LA Hashtags Itself #lahashtagsherself

Dr. Brettany Shannon is one of our USC alums who is currently serving as a Bedrosian Center fellow here at USC. The Bedrosian Center has a great suite of podcasts that I have always sought to support as much as possible because Bedrosian is just full of great people.

Brettany has been doing LA Hashtags Itself for two seasons, and it is a great idea for a podcast. Here’s the description:

Los Angeles Hashtags Itself, a six-episode, limited series podcast, looking at Angeleno organizations leading trend of using digital media for urban & social development. Digital media are fast becoming the for material and social placemaking.

This past week they released my favorite episode yet: The Fug Girls. I had NO idea that Brettany and I were both fans, and now we have SO MUCH MORE to talk to about. I AM SO HERE FOR THIS.

Here is Brettany’s website. I’m a little worried that she’s stopped blogging or abandoned the site (she’s busy), but you can see a lot about her projects there.

You can find her on Twitter at @brettanyshannon.

Brettany Shannon’s Bedrosian Center write-up is here.