Your comments! I AM SOOOOOO SORRY!!!

Gah! I am so sorry! People have been leaving interesting and insightful comments for months, and those comments never appeared because I didn’t know people were leaving them!!

I actually thought I had turned off comments months and months ago. See, after the snarky Smartest Boy Urbanist post, I got so many comments along the lines of “Ur a bitchc*nt from hell” and “stop whining you fucking bitch” that I got fed up and wanted to deny those idiots the pleasure of thinking that I was even reading garbage. And, in addition, I really don’t see why I should pay (not very much, but it’s the principle) for a website that gathers up all the whiney man-hate in the world directed at me.

(My favorite story about this kind of crap comes from Mary Beard; she published a screen shot of one of the nastier comments, and one of her followers piped up and said “hey, I know that guy’s mum.” And so Professor Beard called the dude’s mother–turns out, he’s in high school (quelle surprise). Mum made him apologize and ask Professor Beard out to lunch. HAHAHHA. And she went. I would have done, but she’s a badass.)

So I thought I had turned off comments entirely. I didn’t love doing that since so many smart people do have comments, but I have quite a few people who email me comments instead of leaving them on the website. And of course there is always Twitter for people who need to “Actually” on me. I haven’t lacked interaction, to say the least.

Unfortunately, I only set the comments to “moderate” rather than “off.” Gah! So I went through and moderated all the backlog and the comments should be there. I will see what I can do about being more on top of comments from here on out. I’m tempted to leave them on…but we’ll see.

Again, my apologies. I would say this level of incompetence is unusual around here, but I’ve had my water pic for about a month now, and I still almost drown myself with it twice a week. So…