Thank you for voting on the Streetsie for me, please look at Civil Servant of the Year

I won! That was nice. But still, please do look into the real journalists Peter Flax and Steve Scauzillo. Steve writes for the Daily News about transportation and environmental issues. Peter Flax writes avidly about bicycling and the anti-road diet crazies, and you can see lots of his ideas on Bicycling (the magazine website).

I feel a little weird winning given how I think either of these two deserve it more than me, but it’s not like Streetsblog is giving away a Ferrari. I have this internal desire to write a long post about how we have to distinguish real journalists from somebody like me–an academic blogger. But yesterday my husband told me to relax, so I shall try here.

But please do keep elevating the work of real urban journalists. We need them so much, especially with what seems to be going on with alt weeklies.

I am gratified that Streetsblog called me a hell raiser. I do what I can.

Voting is open for the Civil Servant of the Year and I don’t know how you choose because the offices and concepts in play are all great in different ways.

Lots of stuff to write about. Spent far too much time arguing with people on Twitter about advocacy and its role in the policy process, so I think I should probably post a more cohesive commentary about agonism in the policy process (it can be good; it can be bad. But it can be very productive politically). Planning theory in recent years has had a nice uptick of papers about agonism from first-rate writers, so disseminating those would be a good idea.

I also have some new data that I have been playing with.

But alas, next week is the first week of school, so I may not have much time to hang out here. We’ll see.