Why I am leaving Twitter

I’m bored.

Being a female professor online with actual opinions and edges and realness means I get 1 positive connection with people like Dan Immergluck or Meg Ryerson for every 400 abusive, condescending comments accusing me of just wanting attention, trying to derail discourses, ‘splaining, and tone-policing.

I held on long enough to
try to stand with other female urbanists, to help make space for them. I think a bunch of them are now occupying that space very well.

I shall still blog when I feel like it.

3 thoughts on “Why I am leaving Twitter

  1. Please do continue to blog. I get the “leaving twitter”. Your blog, however, provides intellectual content to discussions that are vital. I appreciate you expanding my perspectives related to issues of great importance to any truly civil society. Thank you.

  2. I wouldn’t know how to get on/use twitter – lower case by design – so that’s no loss to me. Thanks for your e-mails – do continue.
    Jean McDonald

  3. Thank you for sharing, Lisa. While that stinks that you find twitter toxic (which I absolutely understand), I hope you continue to blog!

    The email updates I receive when you are posting are quite helpful and relevant to issues we are dealing with here in Massachusetts.

    Thanks again,

    Brendan Kearney Communications Director WalkBoston

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