Farewell Mr. Ross

USC Price and our Lusk Center for Real Estate have lost a good friend this summer in Mr. Stan Ross. He did a lot for the school, and he did a lot for our students.

His obituary is here. I didn’t know Mr. Ross well, save for two things. I deeply respected his targeted gifts to the school. He enabled the Ross Minority Program in Real Estate, which is a credit to our school both in its mission to help people get the skills and credentials to engage in development and as well as pedagogically.

Again, though I did not know Mr. Ross well, he would smile and wave at me, but we never really had a chance to chat, as pretty much every time I encountered him in RGL, he had students with him, talking in earnest about various things. That image of him talking to students, nodding and engaging, means that every memory I have of him makes me smile.

He shall be missed.