My mother’s brilliant policy standard

I was chatting with my mother yesterday–actually, checking to make sure the flowers I sent her made it in good shape because the delivery address is 000 Boon Docks–and we got to talking about politics. She said something self-deprecating about not having an education, etc. Then she said something that seems very wise:

I think about all these things like a mother. I just ask myself ‘is this something that would want for my own kids?’ Like a good school? Or for all that border stuff–would I want my own child taken from me? Kids need their parents. If something would hurt my kid, I don’t want it for any kid. If a school isn’t good enough for my kid, then it’s not good enough for anybody’s kid.”

People are smart, and my mom especially so.

One thought on “My mother’s brilliant policy standard

  1. Beyond smart, actually possessed of a moral compass.

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