Do not underestimate the extreme pleasure of filling your Little Free Library with feminist and anti-whiteness children books


Continuing to experiment with my little free library and front yard pocket park. I’ve been providing a place to sit in my front garden, and It’s well-used, with our long blocks and the like.  But I have only recently put up my Little Free Library, and we are quite obsessed. I keep telling myself I will just let it govern itself, but I check it every time I walk past, which is usually at least once a day given I walk past it on the way to the car, bus, or during walkies. 

Ahem. It all looks innocent enough.  Just a dumb old white lady virtue signaling on her private property, look at me, look at me, I share books.


IMG 3471



Giving away things is great fun, but I’m particularly obsessed by children’s books because I WANT TO BRAINWASH YOUR CHILDREN INTO MY EVIL WORLDVIEW MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  


There are some great kid’s books out that confront whiteness.  LaMikia Castillo sent this one to me: 

9781948340007 p0 v1 s600x595


And then, of course, adventures: 


IMG 0002

IMG 7088

IMG 1319


Finally….I am a huge, huge fan of Illustrator Jack Ezra Keats: and his little guy in the darling red snowsuit:  


Large SnowyTitle