An obviously compromised president

I was scrolling through Twitter last night and I happened upon quite a bit of back and forth about Robert Mueller’s investigation, about how liberals are putting all their eggs in one basket (huh?) and how it’s a nothing burger story. 

I really don’t know what, exactly,  Mueller’s capabilities are, granted that so many people have decided he’s not responsible for anything he does, he’s just their big man, or what people think Mueller’s investigation will tell us that we don’t already know about Donald Trump as a compromised president. 

So much of his administration’s strategy in the Middle East and Iran hangs on their backing of the Crown Prince  Mohammed bin Salman. It’s clear he’s the heir apparent.  It’s also clear he’s a very dangerous guy, and that the president won’t upset him for a number of reasons, including their redrafted Iran deal (redrafted unnecessarily due to Republican hatred of Barack Obama more than anything else.)  

Do most Americans even know what Hezbollah is? They should. I suspect they do not. (I do not write this with any happiness.) 

Those are the somewhat defensible reasons why Donald Trump won’t respond to the Saudis. The shadow reason is, naturally, his business interests globally. 

Oh, for heaven’s sakes, Lisa, don’t buy into the fake news.  He’s fine. 

How would we know that? He’s hired legal teams to argue that the blind trust strategy can’t, simply can’t, apply to him because he and his businesses are just so special .  

The arrangement they have forged says no international deals while the president is in office. But the organization is being managed by his family, and they are not arm’s length managers,  and the very same issues the tax attorneys are using to claim Donald Trump can’t, simply can’t do a blind trust are the exact same reasons why he can never really divest himself in office of his business interests, either.  

We’re supposed to believe that he is such a man of good character that he will put the country first. 


I’m burying the lede here in some ways, but before he stepped into office, Donald Trump’s business dealings with Russians speak to a long, long association of former KGB (read, today’s mafia) are a matter of public record going back decades. Craig Unger compiled 1300 transactions.  In 2005, Donald Trump went from being $4B in debt to…not being $4B in debt because Russian investors “franchised his brand” with no up-front money from him.  I get it, the brand has  value. How much value? And how close were/are those Russians to Kremlin? 

Pretty close.  Do a Google Search of Trump and Bayrock. This is, of course, after Donald Trump said he has no business deal with Russians. 

And there’s the alleged pee tape. I doubt it exists. And even if it does, his followers are crude enough to be entertained rather than disgusted by it. 

What did the president know?  Who knows?  Intelligence assets often do not know they are being groomed. They aren’t agents. They just dupes. 

Besides all this, he’s been a lousy president, antagonizing needlessly the intelligence community and undermining his own ability to govern, in addition to the mess at the border and his cronies have created for ludicrous reasons.