Metro staff (very kindly) offered to help me get data

I should have posted this sooner, as Metro staff reached out to me the same day as I posted about how difficult I found working with them data-wise in the past, to offer to help me obtain the data I need, at least for the visualization I have been noodling. WordPress has been acting up, and honestly I’ve been so damn depressed this summer I haven’t done much of anything besides read the Mueller Report (which did nothing for my depression) and watch tv.

Metro’s library staff have always been great, but maybe my difficulties with Metro and data has always been that I don’t know the right contacts. Whenever I am dragged over there for a meeting, I feel like it’s usually with some damn boss of something or other, and 1) they probably haven’t touched data in years 2) they aren’t really interested in any data that doesn’t pertain to their immediate management goals.

So we’ll see how this works out.