Adding to the field guide to procrastinators

The brilliant Grace Kao got me reading Tastefully Offensive this morning with its field guide to procrastinators.  I think they need some more types, as heaven knows I don’t clean: 

1. The Self-Starting Unfinisher.   The sort of person who starts a new project when another is coming in due.  I don’t know anybody like that. A variant of the sidetracker. 

2. The social mediator. The sort of person who posts about how they have to be productive and what they have to work on, in depth, or writes blog posts about procrastination. 

3. The Undoer. Oh, the work I did yesterday wasn’t good enough for me to move on to the next section. I will edit and revise. 

4. The Fight Picker. Creates a conflict with somebody so that they can focus on the conflict instead of on work.  Me. 

5. The foundation setters. Oh, I must prepare the world’s most detailed outline, which will get jettisoned anyway, before I can write. Oh, I must stretch 20 canvases, sharpen 20 pencils, and read 17 more books. 

Not that I do any of these things.